Innovation ɪnəˈveɪʃ(ə)n/ : creating more effective processes, products, services and ideas.

How we work…

We meet through video consultation, email, and phone. If a client’s location aligns with ours within Indonesia, Australia, North America and Europe, we also offer in-person consultation at no additional charge.

Depending on the client’s need and XLRG’s availability, in-person meetings can be facilitated at the client’s expense. This option is particularly useful when running a sprint, which cannot be done remotely.

When working with a new client, we first seek to understand the client’s objectives. From this, we create a crystal clear vision, identify purpose-driven goals, and form a plan for execution that yields results. Starting out with a measurable plan at the outset, ensures accountability and efficiency throughout the process.

XLRG’s maintains strategic alliances with partner agencies including Innovation Agencies, Marketing and PR Consultants, Web Design Companies, Freelancers, Programmers, Photographers, Designers, Government Grant Consultants, Venture Capitalists, Angel Funds, Conscious Lawyers and Accountants (yes they exist!), Social Media Experts, Search Optimisation and Marketing Gurus and many more.


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X L R G . The Accelerator Group

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