Executing a robust digital plan requires business owners to understand the right questions to ask of designers and programmers so that the net outcome meets the expectations of both the principals and the marketplace. A digital plan must also engage all the surrounding elements and technologies prevalent in the digital sphere.

XLRG specalizes in helping to bring clients into awareness of all the required elements and implications, developing a clear, achievable strategy and then the on-boarding of a world class team of executers. We are experts at facilitating the intermediary role, translating across the divide between client expectations and digital team management.

As digital experts, we provide clear briefing documentation to developers and assist with the development of high quality assets for the web developers (designers and programmers). As business experts, we communicate all comments, estimates, timeframes and limitations of the developers to clients to ensure consistent project success.

We accompany businesses through the process of seeing their business vision become a digital reality through creating a clear brief, securing the right developers and managing the process from end-to-end to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.


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X L R G . The Accelerator Group

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