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How to InstagramHow to market on Instagram. Our top 5 tips.

So you want to market on Instagram with success?

Heres how in a simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Content

    Instagram doesn’t work without content. And its simple. People love beautiful, relevant content with complimentary images and wording. Don’t # more than 10 tags. Make them count. Search and check out that the hashtag you are using has people you want to reach in it, OR DON’T USE IT! Do some research on what time of day it is most effective for you to post. Make it count.

  2. Work your niche.

    a: Get specific. Go right to what you are in the search area of . #rawveganjunkie #beercancrushing #nycmasteroftheuniverse, etc. The more specific the niche the better. Now for b: Follow everyone in the niche AND find the people that have a lot of followers in that niche. The people that are posting in your nice and the people that are following the most popular accounts in your niche are YOUR PEOPLE. For example: If you have a product that you want to sell to anchormen, search #anchorman > click tags > find and select the tag #anchorman > scroll down and follow, follow, follow

  3. Follow!

    Instagram will allow you to follow about 800 people a day without thinking you are spamming. So with your niche in mind, go ahead and find someone with followers in your niche and start following them. The more the better. Pause routinely though the process to like the photos you like along the way too. You like it when people engage with you, so it makes sense that the people you are wanting to follow you are more likely to do so you when you engage with them, right?

  4. Engage.

    Now that you’ve followed all these people, your going to see that a lot of people are following you back. So engage with your new marketplace. Comment and like. What you put in you will get back.

  5. Start a competition.

    If you have something (a product, a service or a prize of some sort) start a competition for it. For instance: “Win a Gold Plated Rolex Watch. To be eligable, like our post and tag a friend. Competition ends on Saturday the 12.”. Watch as your organic growth takes off…

Thats as simple and as straight forward as we can put it.

Happy Instagram success!


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