WordPress Coaching One-on-One

Wordpress Coaching

WordPress Coaching One-on-One

Take Control of your Website. Become a WordPress Master.

Are you:

 Tired of feeling totally dependent on a freelancer or a web agency to create, edit and update your website?

 Frustrated that you can’t make small changes to your website when you need them?

Concerned about handing over your site access codes to freelancers you’ve never met before?

Looking to master technical skills that empower you to manage your own WordPress website?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you will benefit from our WordPress Coaching One-on-One.

Look no further! In WordPress One-on-One Coaching with XLRG, you will learn how to:
Build a WordPress website from scratch
Determine hosting requirements including understanding the difference between domain name hosting and web hosting
Learn how to connect a domain name (URL) to a your web host platform
Deploy WordPress (and learn what that means if you don’t already!)
Understand what a Theme is and learn how to select the right theme
Understand what Plugins are and how to select and install the right ones for your business
Understand what it means to make a site “responsive” and make sure your site is cross-browser and device compatible
Roll out a consistent style through your site
Determine the navigation structure and page layout appropriate to the site you want to build
Work with existing templates and dummy content to making new sites and pages
Integrate and deploy eCommerce into your site including adding products and setting up a payment gateway
Set up Google Analytics
Learn how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) really works and how to apply best-in-class practices to ensure your content is found online





One-on-One coaching

Up to 5 Skype sessions*



8 + 2


One-on-One coaching

Up to 8 Skype sessions*

2 hours free



16 + 4


One-on-One coaching

Up to 16 Skype sessions*

4 hours free

BONUS! Email Support^





One-on-One coaching

1 Skype session*


* If a client’s location aligns with ours within Indonesia, Australia, North America and Europe, we also offer our WordPress Coaching in-person at no additional charge. Depending on the client’s need and XLRG’s availability, in-person meetings can be facilitated at the client’s expense.
^ Email support lasts for 6 weeks from purchase date.


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